Ready made Plants


  • Air pots featuring holes throughout the surface area of the pot encourages oxygenation and strong root growth
  • Provide excellent drainage, preventing root diseases and decay
  • The shape of the pot wall guides each root towards an air hole Air dehydrates the tip, prunes it and stimulates root branching and the process repeats until there is a mass of healthy fibrous roots
  • “Air pruning” of roots, prevents roots from wrapping around the edges of container and “ the plant
  • The air holes also ensure perfect aeration of growing medium, creating ideal conditions for microorganisms to release more nutrient to the plant
  • Air Pot containers come as flat sheets and are assembled on a round base The sheets are held together with one or more fixtures, allowing custom size containers
  • Removing or potting up plants is  extremely easy
  • Assembling and undoing is easier too