Welcome, young adventurers, to a world of discovery and fun at Hithkari Nursery! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey where learning meets nature? Our special dayoutings for school kids offer a unique opportunity to spend a day or a few hours immersedin the wonders of nature, while having a blast along the way!

You’ll get to explore our diverse gardens, from fragrant herb gardens to fruit orchard steeming with life. Feel the soil beneath your fingertips as you participate in hands-on activities like planting seeds, nurturing young plants, and discovering the magic of gardening.

So gather your classmates and join us at Hithkari Nursery for an educational and adventure-filled day amidst nature’s wonders. We can’t wait to share the joy of learning and the magic of the outdoors with you. Let’s explore, learn, and make cherishedmemories together!

Open classroom

Designed for students our nature walk isn’t just a stroll; it’s a living, breathing classroom where every step unveils a new lesson. Students can ask questions, touch, smell, and experience the nature around them.

More than 150 different fruit trees

We have more than 150 different types of fruit trees including major. minor, special, exotic and rare fruit trees.

Wonder Worms

Feel the soil and the worms in your fingertips.. Hold the feel the warmth of worms which gives us the black gold the VERMICOMPOST.

Fruit Fun

Touch, Smell and feel the colorfull delicious fruits and know more about it..