Welcome to world of fruit plants

Hithkari Nursery is home for quality planting materials of many major fruits, minor fruits, and special fruits, fruit plants suitable for terrace fruit garden, kitchen fruit garden and commercial orchards.
The nursery has its own branded varieties of Jack fruits like Byrachandra, Lalbagh Madhura, Avocado varieties like Florida gold, Bangalore Grand and Hass, Jamun like Patel Jumbo, seedless Guava ,many varieties of Mango, Guava and Sapota and a vast range of other fruit plants.

The nursery is accredited and rated from 2013 (No NHB/HO/KA 41 as star nursery by National Horticultural Board as producers of quality planting material of different horticultural crops.

Elite mother plants of about 150 varieties of fruit plants is maintained in the mother plants orchard .

Most of the scions for grafting, budding and other vegetative propagate are sourced from their own mother plant orchard.

Most of these plants are maintained in organic way

fruit plant
fruit plant