About Our Nursery

Welcome to Hithkari Nursery – The World of fruit plants
We are a 34-year young Nursery specialised in production and supply of high-quality planting materialespecially wide varieties of fruit plants, deploying the best of propagation techniques including differentgrafting procedures and state of art Tissue culture technology.
We take pride in informing that we are one of the very few nurseries that’s owned and managed by highlyqualified entrepreneur with Doctorate in Horticulture from one of the best and leading Agricultural universities-UAS-GKVK, Bengaluru.
Another aspect so unique with us is the rich collection of Mother plants which are used to propagate most of theplanting material in-house only.
We do take deep pride in mentioning our most skilled and experienced grafters who bring out the best plantingmaterial with highest success rate with finesse from master craftsman.
Hope further walk through from here is fruitful experience.
Yours fruitfully
Hithkari Nursery and Horticulture foundation.