Hithkari Nursery

“World of fruit Plants”

Since 1989..

We are a 34-year young Nursery specialized in production and supply of high-quality planting material especially wide varieties of fruit plants, deploying the best of propagation techniques including different grafting procedures, airlayering etc.

We take pride in informing that we are one of the very few nurseries that’s owned and managed by highly qualified entrepreneur with Doctorate in Horticulture. With his vision now Hithkari nursery has become one of its kind where you can witness horticulture, animal husbandary, sericulture, vermicomposting and many more.

We make sure that once you join our community you will have a enlightened experience in the farming sector

Hope further walkthrough from here is fruitful experience.

farm maintainence

What We Do


Guided Farm Tour / Day outing

It is an Info-entertainment session where you can enjoy the nature with the knowledge. It is both relaxing and learning experience.


Farm Training

The motto is ‘Learning by doing’  so here you learn and practice the techniques involved in farming. Join our Farm Trainings to get a proper scientific knowledge about Farming.


Nature Walk & Experiential Learning

As we believe in “Seeing is believing ” this nature walk is especially designed for school children to see, touch and feel the nature around them.

Farm Consultation


With a team of veterns in the field of Horticulture, We are very delighted to serve the farming community by sharing knowledge and giving timely guidance.

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

Visit our massive 10 acres of farm and witness the beauty of fruit orchard with the  integrated farming system of animals, the modern Hydroponics, Aeroponics , Sericulture, Vermicompost unit and many more !!! For a holistic experience in Visit Hithkary Nursery.