Farm Consultation

A farm consultation is a professional service offered to farmers, landowners, or agricultural enthusiasts to help them plan and optimize the layout of their farm while also providing guidance on farm maintenance.


Layout Plan

farm consultation

Farm Maintainence

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From now on no doubt to whom to get guidance from ? We provide you the required scientific solutions to your farm problems directly prescribed from the veterns in agriculture field.

farm planning

Layout Planning

Farm consultants work with clients to create an efficient and well-organized layout for their land. This includes deciding the best locations for crops, livestock areas, irrigation systems, and infrastructures. The goal is to maximize productivity while minimizing efforts. 

farm maintainence

Farm Maintainence

Farm consultations often involve long-term partnerships, with consultants providing ongoing advice and support for maintenance and improvements as the farm evolves.

Farm Consultation

Farm Consultation

Farm consultation is a specialized service designed to assist farmers, landowners, and agricultural enthusiasts in optimizing their agricultural endeavors. It offers expert guidance and support in various aspects of farming, with the ultimate goal of enhancing productivity, sustainability, and overall farm success

For simple problems 

This section is for the simple problems faced in your farm like the pest or disease incidence, the compatibility of the crops chosen, spacing,  fertilizer recommendation etc. You can attach photos and videos or a description of your problems.


“It is great to have a expert guidance which simplifies farm planning and to have a maximum profit with limited resources” 

“ Farm consultation is the most cruicial thing nowadays. It is very hard to get genuine advices from the knowledagle expert in the agriculture field. It ia a great service from Hithkari to serve the farming community with timely  solutions”

“ There was a need for agri consultation services because the lack of authentic source to get farming knowledge is misleading the farmers to choose a crop not suited for the topography, disease outburst and many more. So lauching the consultation wil help the farmers in a profitable way  ”